Cecilia's Courtyard

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The main advantage of village homes are their large courtyards, filled with trees and flowers, which offer residents a chance to live as close to nature as possible in their daily lives. It is this advantage that is highlighted by the cluster of holiday homes in the Limassol village of Malia.

Cecilia’s Courtyard offers agrotourism accommodation with the added benefit of a lush green and relaxing courtyard environment. This is why both the complex itself and each of the cottages have been named after it. The 4 cottages are thus named Rose, Jasmine, Daisy and Basil, all drawing inspiration from the potted plants and flowers that dot the yard. The cottages have 1 or 2 bedrooms each, feature modern comforts and amenities, and can accommodate a total of up to 10 people.

Built in the traditional architectural style, with natural materials and featuring simple lines, the cottages exude the typical warmth of countryside hospitality. Among the accommodation’s discreet, modern touches is the pool in the yard, which brings a harmonious water element to the natural environment. This was, after all, the aim of the owners, who love tradition, and and have a hearty dose of imagination and creativity. Thus, they were able to highlight some of the island’s most beautiful heritage through this accommodation complex.

The outdoors area is available for events which can host up to 180 guests.

Contact number: 99 622690