Castle Residences: A one-of-its-kind island is under construction on Limassol's sea!

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A construction like no other in the entire Mediterranean Sea, which has been designed for the Limassol sea, is coming closer to its final form every day. The artificial island with residential units, part of the Limassol Marina project, had an impressive progress this past year since its official launch.

The spacious apartments at Castle Residences, the only residential units in the Mediterranean to be completely surrounded by water, are accessed by a private bridge and still manage to emulate an urban feel. Unique uninterrupted views of the superyacht marina, the sea and the coastal city of Limassol, set these exclusive homes apart from all other properties in Cyprus. This project, the most majestic of all that consist the Limassol Marina, is expected to finish the overall construction, which first begun in 2010.

With sale to over 30 different nationalities from around the world, the Marina is one of the projects that put Limassol on the map of the most sought out residential and recreational option in the area. The property that has been bought some time ago, is now being resold for prices double or multiple to their original ones. Castle Residences apartments are already in the market for prices from €1,7 million. Apart from the experience of living on the sea and the superyacht facilities, these residences also enjoy a unique view and proximity to the sandy beach, on Limassol Marina’s west end.

Check out more images and video from the final form of the artificial island.

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