Breeze Summer Club: Summer nightlife vibes by the Limassol sea!

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Since 2006 it has been one of the most popular venues for nightlife entertainment in the summer, not just for Limassol, but for the entire Cyprus, too. In fact, it is a reason for people to visit Limassol, crossing through thousands of kilometres, since they consider it to be equal to clubs abroad. Its return each summer season is most anticipated and it always makes an impressive start.

Summer of 2018 found in completely remodelled, with a renewed image in all of is areas. The club is now built around the Dj booth, which is circled by 2 large bars, shaping a small “diamond” in the heart of the club. Stunning lights and vibrant colors consist an eye-catching decoration, while the side facing the sea there is a wooden deck, which is purposed to host live events, with artists performing on stage.

Breeze Sushi room is a whole different extension of the club, with panoramic view to the sea and the circular area with the sofas of this place. Thus the people who choose Breeze Summer Venue for their entertainment, can now start from early in the evening with tasty dining options, to move on to party vibes, with music and dancing, until the morning.

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