Bordello Bar: An entertainment venue with the elegance of decades past!

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The old neighbourhoods in Limassol have a special kind of elegance and prestige, thanks to the classical buildings in that part of the city. In such a neighbourhood, a few steps from the Limassol Town Hall, a unique venue has been created, borrowing the atmosphere and style of decades past. With velvet decorative elements, stunning wallpapers and retro furniture, Bordello Bar oozes a hint of the atmosphere in the cabarets back in the 1920s in Paris.

Even when you are still outside, the bar makes sure to get you into the right mood: the large windows, framed with retro lights and a large, characteristic, striped tent, welcome the guests, who wish to have an afternoon drink, or even a fun night out in the city. The stunning furniture, the heavy curtains, the antique frames on the wall and – especially – the unique collection of roof lamps, make up for a setting with old, but favourable taste, with luxurious touches.

In this environment, the evenings are featured with music choices that include many hits from decades past, combining entertainment with nostalgic memories. Special events are often scheduled, too, with live performances by artists on stage, as well as live music. Thus, this special venue becomes a great option for nights out on Weekends or weekdays, from the afternoon until the early morning hours.

Address: 6 Archibishop Kyprianos Street (opposite the Limassol Town Hall)
Contact number: 99 341341

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