Blu Marine: An innovative project that shines a light on a new seaside spot in Limassol!

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The area west of the historic center of Limassol is finally entering a new era, with the construction of Blu Marine. The innovative new project, presented in great detail through an impressive video, is set to create a privileged space for the public for the first time.

Blu Marine is the first step towards the complete transformation of an entirely unutilized area on the coastal front of Limassol, which to this day had been decidedly industrial in character. The project is the precursor for further reconstruction plans, which include the creation of Aktaios Odou, a road that will facilitate the sustainable movement of the public and connect the city center with the major developments of western Limassol.

An area of 23,700 sq. m., with wonderful sea views, will be transformed into a unique development, with recreation and dining areas, luxury housing and access to a beach with modern facilities.

The project comprises 3 state-of-the-art buildings with pools (2 exterior and one interior), a gym, restaurants, playgrounds, and a luxurious 1030 sq. m. spa.

The image of the area right after the construction work for Blu Marine had begun.

A stone’s throw from the Old Port, the Limassol Marina, and the picturesque streets of the city center, Blu Marine marks the creation of a new hub that will offer quality of life against a backdrop of blue, for both residents and visitors.

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