Blokart: The unique experience of 'sailing' on land, in Limassol Akrotiri area!

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In the area of Akrotiri, a short distance from the coast of Lady’s Mile, one gets to find large areas with little or no vegetation and sandy soil, as a result of the distinct morphology of the peninsula. There, the ideal conditions are created to dive into blokart.

Blokart is essentially a 3-wheeled kart, which is propelled by the air, using a sail that is quite reminiscent of sailing. In a sense, it is a land sailboat, which can be operated by children from 12 years, to adults of all ages.

As an activity it is relatively safe, even for beginners, as long as everyone wears a protective helmet and follows the navigation instructions. The speed of the Blokart depends on the position of the sail in relation to the air, so depending on the degree of familiarity, one can move at any speed they wish to do so.

The freedom and adrenaline you feel are the main reasons to give it a try, either alone or with the company of friends.

Contact number: 95 151966