Bes Beer: Kyriakos has set up a small brewery in his village, with delightful flavors!

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In the cobbled alleys of Lofou, apart from beautiful traditional houses, you will find a small yet miraculous brewery. Kyriakos, returning to his village years later, decided to set up a workshop in order to produce delicious, craft beer.

At Kyriakos’ small brewery, you can see the beer going through all the stages of fermentation, mixing with the special aromas of hops. In fact, you can see a young climbing hops plant at the entrance.

With the Bes Beer brand, an exquisite range of beers is on the market that pleasantly surprise us with the variety and intensity of their aromas.

In the brewery range you will find light lager, wonderful IPA with active fermentation elements, but also a strong, dark beer.

Address: Lofou
Contact number: 25 434100