Bar Du Soleil: An all-day hangout for food and drinks in an impressive space!

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Its name means ‘Sun Bar’ and that’s exactly what it is: a bar that opens its doors in the morning at the Old Port, and stays open past midnight.

Bar du Soleil is an all-day hangout for coffee, drinks, and bar food, in an impressively designed venue with a relaxing atmosphere. The view of the fishing boats and the sea surrounding the port further enhances this chilled out mood.

The menu offers a large variety of drinks, from aromatic coffees and vitamin-rich juices, to delicious cocktails and unique beers. Drinks are accompanied by house pizza, available in both vegetarian and meal lovers’ versions, as well as platters of cold cuts, cheeses, seafood, and fruits, all of which go beyond the standard options.

Contact number: 25 371500