Athinon Street

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Wandering through the historical city center of Limassol, one can uncover a myriad of wonders and charming little corners. Perhaps most charming of all is the explosion of color that greets visitors when they turn into Athinon Street, or as it is known to locals, the ‘Graffiti Street.’

Athinon Street is one of the city’s most highly frequented areas, and for good reason. Along with its adjacent historical streets, including the ever-popular Saripolou Square, Athinon Street is a living canvas of art, with graffiti artists painting their unique and dazzling designs on the walls of buildings and abandoned houses all along its length each year at the Street Life Festival.

The Street Life Festival, which has been a Limassol staple for 13+ years, takes place every spring all along the popular Saripolou and Athinon Streets. A few days prior to the Festival, the building walls are painted white, covering the graffiti of previous years, and turning them into an enormous canvas for the new creations of talented artists from Cyprus and abroad. Each design is more unique and awe-inspiring than the other, and the street turns into a living, breathing, year-long art exhibit.

The Street Life Festival brings more than 20,000 visitors to Athinon Street, all of whom want to catch a glimpse of the artists expressing their creativity via their colorful, impressive designs and participate in the joyous fun this entertaining Festival provides. After all, it is this spirit of freedom and collaboration that the Festival inspires, thanks to the role of these historical streets as a place to meet, have fun, and create.


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