Artima Bistrot: A particularly elegant venue in the Limassol city center, with a muti-award winning menu!

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 Upon its arrival, Artima Bistrot has stood for its cuisine and has been regarded as one of the top options for culinary delights in the historical center of Limassol. With the aim to turn its dining an experience into one that sparks all of one’s senses, it has created an admirable venue, one which promises its guests a unique and memorable meal.

Artima Bistrot is a multi-award winning restaurant, the first Cypriot restaurant to receive in 2019 the World Luxury Award for the best Mediterranean cuisine. With a menu inspired by Mediterranean tradition, its dishes ofer interesting flourishes from international gastronomy, too. It is one of the oldest restaurants of the Carob Mill Group and it has become a particularly popular destination, which meshes perfectly with the atmosphere of the historical center, as it is housed in a restored, stone-built former warehouse of the 20th century.

After a radical refurbishment, it launched with a brand new image in 2019, one that is even more elegant and stunning, decorated and furnished with art deco elements, large mirrors on the stone-built walls and discrete lighting, which fits the old, industrial atmosphere of the building. Thus, its dining area is ideal both for a special dinner, as well as a business meeting for lunch.

Address: Castle Square
Contact number: 25 820466