Arsorama Village Homes (Arsos)

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A home inherited by the grandparents, due to the many beautiful memories from it, children and grandchildren, who wanted to honor their memory, decided to bring it back to life. Thus, their vision for a beautiful, nostalgic corner in their village, became a reality through Arsorama.

Their intention was to provide their visitors with quality, beauty comfort, luxury, friendliness but at the same a hint of tradition, creating an agro tourism option close to the central square of the village. Arsorama, consists of 4 independent apartments which are all connected by a large internal stone paved garden. The 4 apartments can comfortably host 1 – 6 persons (depending on the apartment), providing a fully equipped

Part of the garden, with a beautiful stone built arch has been converted into a sitting, communal area for our visitors, where they can enjoy themselves watching TV or playing board games. Years ago, the garden was a meeting place of many of the ladies of the village where they would chat and embroider together, like a traditional coffee shop for women. So, this common room still serves as a meeting place, like in the old times.

The couple of grandparents, who were much loved in the village, now live through these houses, which have their names. Thus, apart from the traditional architecture, the wooden doors and windows, the old, steel beds, the wood oven and the fountains in the yard, the names of the apartments stress out the nostalgic feel of this complex.

Arsos, at a mere 40-minute drive from Limassol, with the picturesque alleys, the traditional taverns and coffee shops and the amazing nature, is an ideal destination for every season, with breezy summers, mild winters and unique images at any time.

The guests can use the outdoors grill and prepare their meals in the yard, while each of the apartments has the basic amenities for hot beverages. Arsorama Arsorama also provides a fully equipped conference room for all types of seminars and conferences. 

Address: 2-4, Kostenas Stree (Central Square of St Philippos), 4470 Arsos, Limassol
Contact numbers: 25 817 000 / 97 889 999
Fax: 25 736 550
Email: [email protected]
Website: Arsorama
Facebook: Arsorama Village Homes
Instagram: Arsorama
TripAdvisor: Arsorama Village Homes

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