Arsorama Village Homes (Arsos)

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The house that the grandparents left as a legacy, their children and grandchildren wished to bring back to life in their honor. Thus, their vision for a beautiful and nostalgic corner in Arsos, transformed into Arsorama.

The complex has independent apartments that are all joined together by a large stone-paved inner courtyard. Each provides all the comforts, with a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, comfortable living room and bedrooms.

The grandparents were the ones who named the apartments. Thus, the names of the houses underline the nostalgic character of the complex.

Tenants can use the outdoor grill to prepare their meal in the yard, while each of the apartments is equipped with items for hot drinks.

Address: Kostenas Street 2-4, Arsos village
Contact numbers: 25 817000, 97 889999