'Areti' tavern: The village house that became a tavern serving delicious dishes just like grandma's!

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Village gardens and traditional, stone-built homes are usually associated beautiful, family memories and favorite flavors from grandma’s recipes. This family garden has preserved these elements in a restored house in Fasoula village, a few minutes from Limassol city, becoming a popular culinary destination.

The family’s 25 years of experience in the culinary industry, as well as the warm atmosphere of this old home in dining has been put to good use since the opening of the tavern in 2009, serving guests just like grandma Areti would have done for her own children. With a love for food and traditional flavors, the menu at ‘Areti’ tavern offers a culinary experience which brings back memories, along with a sense of delight.

With seasonal dishes, cooked on the stove or in the oven, as well as Cypriot meze, this tavern allows anyone the option of choosing the familiar meze sequence, or single servings, or even a special combination of flavors, according to taste. The rich moussaka and the lamb stew with aubergines are just two of guests’ most beloved dishes. Sundays, however, are twice as special, with the menu offering everything that one would find in a traditional family gathering in the village. Of course, the tavern is also open for anyone who just wants to make a stop for coffee and dessert, and if they’re lucky, they may get to sample the homemade apple cream.

Address: 5, Yiannakis Aeroporos, Fasoula village
Contact number: 97 808218