Anthea Restaurant: A dining venue with its own greenhouse area!

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A brand new venue, with incomparable glamour and luxury, is one of the most impressive dining options in the cosmopolitan Limassol. From the spacious, bright dining room, to the patio, covered by a greenhouse roof, and the large terrace, this restaurant makes every visit a unique experience.

An environment full of colors an light is the result of a radical renovationat “Anthea” restaurant in GrandResort hotel, east to Limassol. With a detailed decoration, combining modern elements and touches of marble and crystals, as well as elements of the art deco trends, this place is an utterly tempting option to enjoy a rich breakfast.

Apart from the amazing, tropical gardens of the hotel, the guests enjoy the ultimate relaxation and ease, provided by the green views in “Anthea” restaurant, too. Apart from the flowers and the plants at the terrace, the patio with a greenhouse roof (resembling to the constructions of this kind from back in the 19th century in Europe), is a sight worth seeing. The decoration of the roof inside the dining room is just as impressive, where, from the stunning buffet, to the soft couches, you cannot decide what to look at first.

The buffet is available for both the residents of the hotel and its visitors.

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