Anastasia Park (Agros)

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Anyone taking a stroll through the mountainous region of Limassol and in the large village of Agros, in the Pitsillia area, will come across an alternative park, located away from the noise and traffic. Anastasia Park is a tranquil haven that is ideal for visitors to relax and enjoy the surrounding greenery.

This space is located south of the village center, near the ancient church of Timios Prodromos. The natural beauty of the location has been enhanced by landscaping, whereby spots have been created for people to sit and enjoy the serenity and beauty of the park.

Beyond the garden, the Agros Community Council also created a beautiful pond within the park, inhabited by small fish, and which visitors can cross via a wooden footbridge. The park’s focal point, however, is the wooden kiosk in the center, which offers shade during the summer months as well as shelter from the rain.