Amiandos Gardens: A tavern in the Limassol mountains with a rich buffet and a wonderful view!

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A beautiful tavern located near the main road towards the village of Amiandos allows visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding hills along with their meal.

Amiandos Gardens is a space with a large terrace overlooking the surrounding green slopes. This has made it a beloved destination for visitors who wish to relax in nature and enjoy a traditional meal.

Menu options include souvla and slow-roasted lamb, light and fluffy meatballs, traditional moussaka, stuffed vine leaves and many other Cypriot dishes, as well as refreshing salads in a variety of combinations. On Sundays and public holidays, visitors can partake in a rich buffet and homemade sweets for dessert.

The venue offers a children’s play area and plenty of parking.

Contact number: 99 657509