Agia Marina Children's Park (Kyperounda)

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Located in the spot which attracts the most locals and visitors of Kyperounda, right in the heart of the square, which is itself a hub for strolls, coffee breaks, meals, and festivals and events, a large children’s park has recently been erected. Its aim is to offer carefree moments of fun for both young and old, in the center of the village.

The Agia Marina Children’s Park (named after the church located in the square) is a space hidden within the lush greenery, with tall plane trees offering dense shade in every corner. Within the park, 3 separate levels have been created offering play options for children of all ages. The special, soft flooring installed in one part of the playground helps to make playtime even safer and more carefree.

Beyond the swing sets, the slides and the see-saws, and the bright, vibrant colors spread across a large expanse, another advantage of this space is its proximity to the comforts offered by the square. Within a short distance from the park, one can find options for food and drinks, as well as benches to sit and relax, thus giving even more reasons to families to opt for visiting the area.