A walk among the Platres mansions

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As the first tourist resort in Cyprus of international fame, attracting renowned visitors of the European elite to the mountainous regions of Limassol, Platres has developed into a living ‘museum’ of the atmosphere of that era. It has preserved some of the most impressive mansions of unique architecture, among which one can wander today.

Strolls along the pathways used by the famous visitors of Platres appear to take you on a journey through time. Spyrou Kyprianou Street, the street which was home to most of these monuments of European architecture (the road itself leads to the historic Forest Park hotel) is intersected by paved paths which cross through the pine forest and allowed holidaymakers to move to and from the center of the village.

The mansions of Platres, some of which are reminiscent of the towers from medieval fairy tales, were designed and built according to the trends of the time, displaying characteristics of the most popular schools of architecture of that era: Maltese, Commonwealth, German, Danish, English countryside and the Alps. The characteristic red brick, the decorative motifs, sloping roofs and semi-circular balconies are just some of the elements which stand out from these impressive mansions.

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When walking down Spyros Kyprianou Street, keep your eyes open for these romantic, hidden paths that reveal a different side of Platres village.

Combined with the scents and coolness of the forest, the imposing presence of the towering pine trees and the pathways paved in the gray stone of Troodos, this walk in the countryside is a unique experience, one that links you directly with the past.

*Platres is part of the Mobilitas European Network, encouraging alternative transportation via trails, bicycle routes and public transportation.