A video proves that Ancient Amathus was a mighty, wealthy city!

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Amathus, built on the coastal hills, was developed to become a rich kingdom from its very first years. Limassol’s residents, from the Middle Ages until now, call Amathus the “Old Limassol”, thus preserving the memory of this important ancient city in Cyprus alive.

By developing agriculture and making use of the mines in the area, this great kingdom managed to become one of Cyprus’ richest ones. Its wealth remained unabated until the Byzantine era, while its proximity to the sea would provide, apart from a strong commercial sector, an excellent view, too, just as prestigious as the city itself.

Those artistically decorated columns, the enormous jar, large enough for an entire family to nestle inside, the imposing buildings, document still its glamour today. Even without any life now, with visible signs of decay (stones from the archaeological site were used to build the Suez canal), Amathus still fascinates you.

Vide: Sky Art
Headerphoto: Romos Kotsonis

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