PHOTOS: A spectacular arrow-shaped building in a gloomy Limassol area!

It could be a typical, grey box, just like most industrial and commercial buildings are – and there plenty of them in Limassol. But this warehouse in the – otherwise unimaginative – industrial area Of Agios Sylas, could have you gazing for hours. The headquarters of Target Logistics building has managed to imprint the company’s name on its own shape, which gives the impression of a quivering arrow, shooting with great velocity through the air.

The building, designed by the architect Angelos Savvides and constructed in 2008, follows a red curve over a green colored roof, in order to emphasize the contradiction between the natural environment and the artificial, material environment created by man in the area. The natural environment communicates with the building’s interior, through the glass surface allowing full visual connection with the exterior.

The interior of the building is constructed according to the exterior design, having the warehouse and the administrative area divided by a curve, similar to the one of the exterior arrow. According to the architect, the design provides for a more pleasant environment, within which the employees can be more productive, while it adds to the identity of the company, which achieved an increase for its operations’ circle. This showcases, then, that architecture inevitably generates moods and feeling, forms perceptions and attitudes and sure doe create the image of a place. 

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