Wok n Roll in Limassol cooks amazing dishes after the… advice of a dietician!

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You go out to eat and you know that you need to be careful with this and that and you think it should be easy. But if you have actually experienced this, you know it is not easy at all to eat without guilt or anxiety about calories and enjoy your evening.

But, what if your dietician was there before you, consulting the chefs, in order to prepare the dishes the way you need them to be? This is probably what they have though at Wok n Roll, since more and more people are actually troubled with their choices from a restaurant’s menu. So, its menu is actually designed after specialist advice, without selling out on pleasure and without leading you to bankruptcy, if you decide to enjoy it.

Making difference with its Asian cuisine, Wok n Roll has been innovating with healthy, but also delicious, dishes, which have been measured by the clinical dietician Yiannis Kerimis. In all of these recipes, sugar has been replaced by stevia, while portions were calculated to include all the important nutrients in the right portions. In fact, there was a test on how patients were affected after they had these dishes, with the results being encouraging.

Wok n Roll is looking to go further on with this approach, already having included indications for gluten and lactose free dishes in the menu, while it also provides the option for creating your own tailored combination of nutrients. In addition to that, as part of the social responsibility program, the 10% of the sales from the stevia menu is donated to the CYDIABEATERS.

Στοιχεία επικοινωνίας
Wok n Roll
Address: 97, Ayias Fylaxeos Street
Contact number: 7777 1707 

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