Le Marquis: A historical entertainment venue spikes the evenings in Platres!

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A legendary disco, dating back to the mid-1960s and located in the historical Splendid hotel in Platres, is now the only part of that glamorous era that still offers an entertainment option for those living or visiting Platres and the nearby areas. Having kept the same name for several decades now, Le Marquis has become synonymous with beautiful moments of live music and a relaxing, friendly atmosphere.

In the heart of the village, right next to the large, central square, where most of the cafés and restaurants of Platres are located, you will find this historical entertainment venue, offering a totally different side Limassol’s country life. Enjoy your drinks at ease in a spacious area, decorated with wood elements and low lights. In the winter, the fireplace is lit, grilling delicious goodies for all the guests to share in a cozy and familiar environment. In the summer, the venue transforms into open-air setting at the entrance of the old hotel, right next to the village square, serving cold drinks and coffee from early in the morning until late at night (the open-air bar, under the trees, becomes a natural extension of the square, which is a meeting spot, both during the day and the night).

So while many visit the mountains in order to connect with nature, explore forgotten villages and taste traditional food, this doesn’t mean you have to go to bed as soon as night falls. This historical venue in Platres regularly hosts live music evenings that have everyone dancing until well after midnight.

Le Marquis is open every Friday and Saturday night from 8:30 pm in the winter, and is open daily in the summer.