Ryan's Bar & Grill: A delicious option for dining at Limassol's countryside!

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Its kitchen has all the aromas of the countryside, and this is why it could not be located at a more perfect place. Its dishes, rich and delicious, are the ones you would choose after a beautiful trip in the fields.

Ryan’s Bar & Grill is a venue with a cozy and laid back environment, all furnished and decorated with wood, interrupted by some hints of stone walls.

The view of the unique landscape at the Akrotiri Peninsula and salt lake is everything you need to gaze over to the habitat, after a stroll around the beauties of the area, either in the winter or the summer.

With dishes inspired by the English countryside, the menu provides a large range of favorite flavors, where you will find a most juicy steak, as well as versions of international cuisine dishes.

Address: Queen Elizabeth Street, Akrotiri
Conatct number: 25 952562