Marina Beach Bar: A delicious spot at Limassol's most central coast!

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It is not just a beach bar. It is an escape to a parallel dimension, just a few steps away from the historical city center, it is a coast that combines golden sands and fresh grass, a restaurant that serves a casual version of the flavors that made Epsilon Resto Bar stant out.

Just by stepping in at Marina Beach Bar, you know that you do not need to travel a long distance in order to escape the everyday routine and the typical scenery of a day. From the blue flag of the beach to the carefully designed area of the restaurant, with simple decorations in white and blue and elements of the island culture of the Mediterranean, everything makes up for the ideal image of a special experience, right next to the Limassol sea.

The place is as much a trip, as the flavors and scents of the menu, designed by the Epsilon Resto Bar chef, Diomedes Chatzivarnavas, may be.  A cuisine the oozes of the Mediterranean smells, with hints of Asian dishes (such as sushi and mussels with Asian aromatics), is probably the greatest advantage of this destination.

Delicious octopus and squid on the grill with exquisite sauce, fresh fish and seafood in amazing combinations, are served with warm bread and virgin olive oil on the side. For those looking for something lighter, the sunset salad, with greens, watermelon, mango and fresh strawberries sure makes a difference. A rather pleasant surprise, with familiar, Cypriot scents, awaits for those wishing for a dessert, when they try the pannacota with the rose sauce, an imaginative alternative to the traditional Cyprios mahallebi.

Extra tip: Cocktail, with or without alcohol, in surprising glasses or even in real fruits, complement the experience of such a visit, especially for those staying long enough for a night dip in the water.

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