8th Limassol Economic Forum

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The Limassol Economic Forum has reached its 8th year, as a most important business gathering in Cyprus. It has become a major platform of debate on political, economic and business issues in Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Forum, taking place on the occasion of the 60 years since the founding treaty of the European Union, focused on the deep existential crisis of the Institution and its doubtful future. The Forum focused to the need for a major overhaul of Europe’s institutions, politics and economics. Some of the major questions that remain unresolved (the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, the role of Germany and France in Europe, Greece’s debt crisis, relations with the US, Russia and Turkey) were included in the presentations and the discussions, with distinguished participants from Europe and the USA.

The Forum engages political, academic and business leaders in a wide-ranging discussion that aspires to improve the state of the broader region and contribute to the worldwide economic debate. The success of the Limassol Economic Forum lies to the fact that it attracts important personalities – among whom are business leaders, entrepreneurs, senior government officials, academics and international experts – who discuss major international, regional and local economic issues.

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