VIDEOS: Crazy pre-wedding video clips in Limassol's favorite locations!

Crazy, incredibly funny and utterly interesting videos are becoming the latest trend between new couples about to get married. Limassol has won an honorary place in these video, since the seaside areas are a favorite destination for young couples, as well as a dominant option for cinematographers at the New York Studios, who shoot the material.

Through this process of shooting imaginative videos, the newlyweds and their friends have the opportunity to get a taste of Hollywood, creating amazing memories to hold about the beginning of this new stage of their lives. The shooting experience, which last for almost an entire day or even more, become an adventure, which is even more beautiful, when having Limassol as the background.

Either coming from Limassol, or from other cities in Cyprus, the couples wish to create the videos by the blue sea of our city. In fact, for the needs of one of the videos, the lifeguard squad at Dasoudi beach had to provide assistance, which they were happy to do. Dasoudi, in fact, is quite popular for these videos, since it appears to be quite the versatile scenery, suitable for pre-wedding memories.