VIDEO: This is what seals the deal for companies that choose Limassol as a destination!

Limassol is a well known destination for companies and businessmen from around the world. It has been established as an economic center in the wider Eastern Mediterranean and its location sure is an advantage.

Still, apart from the obvious reasons, Limassol is becoming a trend for a few others, not so obvious ones. Either it has to do with companies established in Limassol, or companies visiting for conferences and international meetings, Limassol provides the opportunity for its guests to experience something unique.

Business tourism is a  constantly growing activity in Limassol, since knowing the place, the sights, the character, the people, the flavors and the history is something that embellishes the stay of the members of a company here. The opportunity to leave behind the typical environment of a corporate meeting, with short escapes in the city and the province, sure counts as an advantage.

Liberty is an agency that organized such an escape for a pharmaceutical company from abroad, which hosted 100 people from 15 different countries in Limassol for a conference. The tour included the best this place has to offer, from natural beauties, traditions and flavors, and it sure is a proof that the reputation Limassol has built in the business world does not revolve just around its economic activities.

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