VIDEO: International exposure for the Limassolian, who became the youngest mayor in Cyprus!

Nicos is the 23-year-old who was elected in December 2016 as the head of the Community Council in Lofou village, and he has been for over a year now the youngest elected officer in Cyprus. This subject has been discussed a lot within the local community, but lately it has become quite popular outside the narrow borders of Limassol and Cyprus. 

In fact, a quite popular web page, with 4+ million followers on social media worldwide, has prepared and presented a 1-minute documentary about the 23-year-old, mentioning how special and rare his achievement is. In particular, the documentary by Nas Daily underlines that, while still studying for his Law degree, Nicos manages a €500 thousand budget, the daily needs of the community and the team of the people working for it. 

Nicos, apart from being congratulated for his decision, he is also an example for several young people of his own generation and he seems to be aiming a goal on behalf of all of the people of his age. Thus, when Nas came to Cyprus, looking for interesting subjects to document in his videos, a suggestion about the work Nicos does in Lofou, immediately came up. The video, within just a few days from its release, has already attracted over 1 million viewers.

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