The Limassol tour in 2 weeks: Visits in 10 villages and 8 unique wineries!

Limassol is probably the ideal place to spend the wine month in the best possible way. November has been established as a month to get acquainted with the flavors, perfumes and traditions of wine making, since the new vintage is just coming out of the barrels and the wineries are all festive.

The wineries are many and very interesting, while the countryside is particularly beautiful this season, with all the colors of the autumn around. Until the end of November, some of the most important wineries in Cyprus will be receiving guests with tours and wine tasting events. Following the links, you will be able to see the extensive schedule of visits at Kyperounda winery, Vlassides winery (Kilani), Zambartas winery (Agios Amvrosios), Tsiakkas winery (Pelendri), Argyrides winery (Vasa Koilaniou). 

Also, the Cyprus Organization of Tourism has prepared a touring schedule for the entire November, so that, by following the route of the wine, to be able to discover some of the most beautiful villages in the countryside. The 2 organized trips starting from Limassol will be taking place on the 25th and 29th of November. Participants will be leaving from the CTO offices in Yermasoyia, on 9:000 am and 8:40 am respectively. 

The first trip (15/11), with a €3 participations fee, includes transportation to Lania village and a tour, then the trasportation to Chandria and Vasileiades winery for wine tasting and then a trip to Agros villages for a tour at local traditional product workshops. The second tour (29/11), with a €6 participation fee, begins with a wine tasting at Mallia winery, a visit at Ktima Gerolemo winery in Omodos and ends with a tour in the village.

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