Rodon hotel reopens 2 years after closing down!

The hotel that has been a point of reference for the Limassol countryside, attracting numerous visitors, both from Cyprus and abroad, is back. After a long effort and an extensive renovation almost complete, the hotel will be ready to receive guests again.

Upon the announcement of the hotel’s closure back in Septmber 15th 2016, many were grieved, especially the ones who had spent some amazing moments there and kept nostalgic memories of them. According to a recent announcement, the hotel returns to its regular operation, almost 2 years later, on June 1st 2018.

The renovation of the hotel, with a capacity of 156 rooms, located at an idyllic village, surrounded by the forest, is still ongoing and expected to be complete in around 2 months. The hotel will be operating under the ownership of Agros Development Company “Proodos” Public LTD.

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