PHOTOS + VIDEO: Sumer turned to winter on Limassol's Mountains!

Last winter may have been poor in rainfall and snowfall, but these last few days seem to be the weather’s opportunity to fill any blanks, regardless the fact that this has been the first official Monday of summer. The scenery was as wintery as last January on the mountains, which left everyone speechless.

Hail fell around noon at the villages of Limassol’s and Troodos mountains, generating and owe inspired reaction to everyone who happened to experience these extreme phenomena. Iced spheres of a walnut’s size started to “bombard” the ground and after a while, the hail was lying on the earth creating a thick, ice layer and a most unexpected white scenery for June.

Apart from the residents of Limassol’s villages, like Kyperounda, the drivers who were using the mountain roads today came across to these obscene images. The traffic was extremely difficult, with hail creating the imagery and the actual feel of snow on the highest areas. The images coming from photos and videos are truly astounding.

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