PHOTOS: This is what the mysterious, yellow container at the Old Port was all about!

During Kataklysmos holidays on May 26 – 28, at the Old Port square in Limassol, a mysterious, large container was inviting the people passing by to explore its interior. For those who stepped into it, an impressive sight was revealed, while the rest are still left with question marks.

The stunning, huge box, found in the middle of all the festive traffic of this long weekend, was an original idea by the artist Alice Kyrmitsi, who was inviting the people to take their own selfies with it. Both as a background in the middle of the square, as well as by its stunning interior, it became an opportunity for people to create artistic portraits.

It may have been an (imaginative nevertheless) advertising trick, but this alternative approach did succeed in exciting imagination and curiosity. The ones that actually did enter the container, came across a shining picture, where the image of a car appeared in numerous reflections on the mirrors that lined up.

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