PHOTOS: The party that transformed the long forgotten Limassol's shipyard area!

A mobile bar in the typical Voklswagen van, one of the most well-known burger trucks, outside a unique carob warehouse, with green and white lights on it, in the darkest darkness of the shipyard area. A place that has been left in the margins of the city's life for some years now, became the center of a special party, bringing fresh ideas and young people closer to a long forgotten spot.

The International Short Film Festival chose the Limassol shipyard, an area that has never been an entertainment venue, for this year's first party, which turned out to be a rather successful choice. With music, movie screening in the middle of the large, industrial buildings and with the fitting cocktails be the Bully Bar, the event brought a whole new vibe in the area.

Thus, the institution of the International Short Film Festival, which attracts the attention of cinefils from around the world, managed to shed a different kind of light on this place, bringing up its hidden gifts. The carob warehouse, a construction of unique architecture, came under the attention of the youth of the city — and not only — who connected to a rather unknown, but essential side of the city, which was born and is still evolving as an important port.

Photos: Pavlos Vrionides