PHOTOS: The majestic Limassol Library is now dressed in light!

The awe inspiring Pilavakis Mansion enters a new era in the most glamorous manner. The little palace,which was built imitating the design of the Monaco casino around 1 century ago, will soon be accessible for people, ready to continue its journey in time as the Municipal University Librart of Limassol.

The lighting of the impressive building took place on the occasion of the completion of the restoration works on the construction, as well as on the occasion of the festive season that we are in. Next to the decorations of the rest of the city, the enlightened library becomes a most glamorous addition.

It should be stresses out that the Municipal University Library was dressed in light after a considerable amount of years, since the Municipality and the CUT overcame their contradictions in order to allow the completion of the restoration. Soon there will be several books moving in the library, which will start operating within the next few months.

Photos: Neophytos Charalambides, Pieris Chatzipieri, Romos Kotsonis

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