PHOTOS: Restaurant, pool and pool bar at around 50 meters over the ground

A modern restaurant with impressive views to the Limassol sea, next to an infinity pool, that will seemingly connect with the horizon, are the features of the 10th floor on the new high-rise project in progress on the Limassol seaside avenue. The Icon, apart from the state of the art residences, will also host public use areas, where visitors will be able to enjoy the unique image of the city’s coastline.

The Icon is expected to be an impressive addition for the city. Reaching up to 125 meters high, the tower will host 54 luxurious residences with impeccable design and views, either in one-bedroom apartments or full-floor homes. Inspired by the unique shape of a luminescent diamond, The Icon was designed in a way that allows sunlight in, but protects the living areas from the intense rays during sunrise of sunset, thanks to its orientation.

Apart from the elevator purposed exclusively for the residents, there will also be another elevator leading up to the tenth floor facilities, in order for its guests to enjoy the Limassol vie from above. The infinity-edge pool that will look as if touching the sky, aims to span the exterior of the floor, offering spectacular vistas with elaborate poolside gardens and a striking pool bar.

The project is scheduled to be delivered in 2020.

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