PHOTOS: Limassol's most typical street is now even more beautiful!

It might be autumn, but the 18th of October dawned with a hint of spring at the Limassol city center. Aneksartisias street, the most typical street of the city, was enriched with an addition, which immediately made the day of people passing buy or opening their shops.

Since 6 am, a team of gardeners from the Limassol municipality, installed on the pavement, opposite Grigoris Afxentiou Square, 6 concrete, round window boxes, which immediately changed the image of the area. The bright colors on the flowers introduced a spring-like vibe, even if October is about to end.

This initiative, supported by the organized shop owners at Anexartisias street, was welcomed with enthusiasm, inspiring hopes for the flowers to spread out along the entire distance of the street. Aneksartisias street and Grigoris Afxentiou Square, apart from being favorite commercial spots in Limassol, also host all kinds of events and this new addition, sure does emphasize on its central location in the city.  

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