PHOTOS: Limassol thunderstorms are here to stay (and they are truly spectacular)!

The stormy weather that came along in Limassol out of the blue, interrupting the sunny scenery of these past few days, did bring a sudden change in the city’s routine. Sudden, nevertheless, the change was also a great relief after the long summer, while the scenery also became quite interesting.

The latest thunderstorms had it all, from river in the streets to the impressive views of rainbows and lightening on the horizon. The impressive images of the city, right after the morning storm, was followed by a night that was brightened by consecutive thunderbolts. The result was a unique image on the horizon, with the lightening almost touching the huge masts of the glorious Sailing Yacht A.

According to the forecast by Kitasweather, the scenery in Limassol will remain the same for the next few days. Clouds will give room to the sun on Friday, but the forecast predicts a few more thunderstorms during the weekend. Also, the winter might not be around yet, but the temperature sure will be decreasing during the next few days.

Check out amazing pictures from the impressive views of Limassol right after the morning storm on 25/10.

Photo: Kitasweather

Photo: Romos Kotsonis


Photo: Romos Kotsonis