Photos from the party at the Limassol Old Port that beat the rain!

This special party that was set up at the Limassol Old Port on Saturday, October 28th, had to encounter the rain, after all, and mange to overcome it. The impressive decorations was set up from early on that day and the music was playing loud and clear, even though the first rain drops started to fall.

The rain may have troubled or even scared some, but the party kept on its scheduled course, within the Halloween scenery that was set up, the fire shows and the jugglers entertaining the people with acrobatics in this festive vibe. The 2 wooden bars would warm up the atmosphere, while the dance music from the Djs was the best addition to the whole atmosphere.

Despite the rain, people of all ages arrived at the square, with or without customs, to have some good time with food, drinks and plenty of shows. The results proves that a party can, after all, beat the rain.