PHOTOS: First snowfall on Troodos mountains is a fact!

This winter's first snowfall on Troodos mountains happened dawning December 6th, dressing the entire forest and the higher mountains of the Limassol district in white. Streets, squares and roofs were covered by the fluffy snow flakes, creating a setting utterly fitting for the season. 

With a mere delay of just a few days, compared to last December, the frost made sure that we are aware of winter's arrival (check out the tribute to last year's first day of snow). The entire Troodos square and the Olympus peak turned white, while snow also covered the area of Asbestos mine, as well as the area of Kyperounda village, reaching as low as approximately 1400 meters above sea lever.

Even if the sun came out shining in the morning, the temperature remained quite low on the mountains. Several drivers that had to move on the mountain streets of Limassol district, had some trouble driving around, while some of them had to turn back before reaching their destination. The frost is expected to make a come back in the coming hours.

Photos: Andreas Hadjiantonis

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