PHOTOS: A huge yellow duck has landed at Limassol's coastline!

A huge, yellow duck has landed lately at the city’s coastline, marking the official beginning of the summer season. Since a few days now, this yellow duck has attracted some attention and it does set some questions to be answered, after appearing in several summer photos from Limassol.

This rather large duckling, around 3 meters tall, is the answer of people in Limassol to last summer’s frenzy with pink flamingos. Even though the usual background of these ducks is a bathtub, this beach, like another, much larger bathtub, will be hosting this summer’s mascot.

The idea was an original inspiration by the Guaba Beach Bar team (which is known for its outrageous, creative concepts). The beach bar itself is quite colourful and the addition of the yellow duck in the blue waters of the sea was a definitely a match. During the night, this duck is still in the center of attention, standing out in the dark, thanks to its bright color, to accompany those going for a night swim or partying at the beach bar.

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