OPENING: Are you up for some gourmet pop-corn at the Limassol Old Port?

Corn that pops in the heat and produces this white, delicious “cloud” that has long been a company for movie nights, parties and walks. This favorite snack is now gourmet and comes to initiate Limassol in the secrets of the art of pop-corn.

A new hang out place at the Limassol Old Port proposes to take this taste experience a step forward. FOL brings in Limassol a taste combination that connects the American tradition of this popular snack with the Italian elegance and artistry. Besides, FOL originates from Turin, Italy’s capital of slow-food and strong flavors, city of chocolate artists, of cheese makers and world famous coffee roasters.

With stores in the greatest cities of Europe, FOL now opens Limassol’s taste horizons, too, introducing us to the imagination and creativity of the Italians that inspired this special treat.  Pop-corn with chocolate, caramel, pizza and cappuccino flavor and plenty more combinations, all air-popped, will enrich our walks at the city’s seafront.

FOL officially opens its doors for the people on Thursday, December 15th, from 8 until 10 in the evening, selling all its products with a 20% discount.

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