Limassol celebrates St Valentine with a grand, theme party!

A special, theme party becomes one of the new events in the schedule of the Limassol Carnival. The party takes place in the evening of February 14th, during the second week of the carnival events in the city, in order to enrich the options of those celebrating.

The open air carnival ball for the sweethearts will be taking place on Wednesday, 14/2, at 9 pm, in Enaerios parking area. Thus, both carnival enthusiasts and couples, will have the opportunity to get inspired by the romantic vibes on the day, to create imaginative customs.

Valentines, flying cupids, brides and grooms, famous couples throughout history and lots of hearts will feature the evening, along with music and dancing. There will also be a Valentine's Day themed costume contest, with awards for the best one.

Find here the entire schedule of the Limassol Carnival events.