Get ready for a Sunday with seafood buffet and special fish dishes in Limassol!

A the weather gets warmer, your appetite gets bigger and, if you happen to be in Limassool, the sea view, the seasonal scents and the excellent culinary options with tasty menus from one side of the city to the other, are a great occatsion for dining delights.March 25th is on the way and, since the weather, the setting and the tradition want it, 4 venues are making special arrangements for their menu on this day.

With a panoramic view to the entire Limassol coast, at one of the most prestigious locations in the city, Diamante Blu brings an irresistible buffet, especially for this day, with the flavors of the sea (check out more here). A fish and seafood buffet will also be available at NOA, to enjoy it by the the sea, either in its elegant dining room, or in the open area (check out more here).

If you are looking for traditional, fried cod fish on garlic sauce, as the traditiona has it, you stay by the sea, ,moving to the eastern coast of Limassol, at Sailor’s Rest (check out more here). An alternative option is also Akteon Restaurant, with a view to the popular Akti Olympion, which has a special fish and seafood meze prepared (check out more here).

Find more dining options in Limassol here. 

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