Application for finding parking at the Limassol city center is now on track!

When All About Limassol presented the initiative of a group of CUT’s students to develop an application that would solve the problem for those wearing off their tires, while looking for a parking space in the Limassol city center, everyone was more than excited with the idea.

For the development of the application on a trial edition, the students needed an amount a bit less than €1000 and they chose to look for funding online. After the exposure that their idea received through the article by All About Limassol, Askanis Group decided to fund the implementation of the project.

The 3 students, who came up with this project, follow a particular class (which is offered to the entire University for the first time) dealing with the solution of real, social issues of a small range. Under the guidance of their professor, Nicos Souleles, they designed this application.

First, the project will be implemented on a trial basis and the team will be working on applying it for the entire city center in the next few months. The parking areas will be in the application, which uses them to track down the space nearest to the area the driver is searching (ex. 15/300 spaces at ESEL parking area).

Find out more about this project here.