Aneksartisias street turns into a pedestrian way on Sunday!

The fact that children are the center of attention during this festive season is a given. The fact that next to these children, their enthusiasm and their smiles, all of us become children all over again, is also a given. Thus, the Limassol city center becomes a place where children and adults can stroll up and down on Sunday freely, in a Christmas mood.

On the occasion of the Limassol Municipality Christmas events at Grigoris Afxentiou Square, in fornt of the District Administration building, Anexartisias street turns into a car-free, pedestrian way, for walking around and games from early on. This measure was also in effect on Sundays 3/12 and 10/12 and it will be so in 17/12, too.

At Grigoris Afxentiou Square, by the shining Christmas tree, there are kiosks with workshops and activities, for everyone to have fun and spend their time in the area beautifully.

Find more details about the manger workshop here.

Find out the entire schedule of the Christmas events and the routes for the Christmas train of the Municipality.