An alternative party with special cocktails and burgers at the Limassol shipyard!

The first mobile bar in Cyprus and one of the most well-known burger vans, outside a carob warehouse. These alone already make up for a really special party. But the surprises do not end here.

The International Short Film Festival makes an impressive start this year in the city, choosing a very unique location for the first party of this event. The Limassol shipyard, a place not exactly known for an entertainment venue, will be hosting on Friday, October 13th, movie screenings- related to the area — as well as music and the much needed cocktails of Bully Bar (which seems to be here to stay) along with delicious burgers.

This is the way the International Short Film Festival, an institution that attracts international attention to Limassol every year, to state its arrival in the city in a very different manner. Thus, in the evening before its official opening at Rialto theater, the friends of the institution will be outside the warehouse at the shipyard, celebrating with screenings, refreshing drinks from the first mobile bar on the island and irresistible flavors by the Serial Griller.

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