A restaurant in Limassol awarded among the best in the world!

One of Limassol's popular restaurants has recently been singled out by the World Luxury Restaurant Awards 2017. This international institution, evaluating hundreds of restaurants from around the world, judging by the decoration and the ambiance in a venue, the food quality, as well as the level of the services provided to its guests, picked The Steak House in Limassol as one of the best in the world.

Being one of the suggestions submitted by food critics, journalists or even everyday consumers, The Steak House stood out as the best Luxury Steak House in the Eastern Europe, which makes it one of the best Steak Houses in the world. The title, which was awarded after an online voting, confirms the attention the restaurant has received be the public in Limassol these past 2 years.

The awarded menu at The Steak House includes a large variety of delicious American steaks, Wagyu steaks and other, tasty options for seafood lovers, such as salads, lobsters, salmon, shrimps and burgers. Apart from the menu thous, the locations and its design are also important aspects of the restaurant's success and its international award.

The unique architecture of its location at the Limassol Old Port, the feeling of a floating venue, created by the fact that this place is right above the sea, and the views to the coast and the Limassol sea, complement perfectly the setting, to justify this latest distinction.

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