A deck of cards designed to fight gender bullying among uni students!

Fact no 1: University students in Cyprus do spend several hours of their leisure time playing cards. Fact no 2: No matter how informed or educated young people may be, they still carry prejudiced perceptions of the world that may be expressed through violence quite often.

These 2 observations produced a striking realization that led a group of CUT Students in Limassol to come up with a plan for fighting gender bullying among university students. Since young people spend so much time staring at cards in large groups of people, they figured that they may as well be able to receive some positive messages and useful information through them, which would help eliminate marginalization and bullying produced by homophobia.

The project is part of a class in the Multimedia and Graphic Design Department in the CUT and it is designed in collaboration with the Greek Rainbow School, which has a large group of specialists in education, mental health and social sciences, providing information and awareness in gender issues. For the implementation of the project, the students have created an account on the internet, to allow people to support them by contributing to their effort to collect €400, which is the amount needed for the prints.

You can find out more about the project and make your contribution here.