Since its inception in 2016, All About Limassol has been Limassol’s Official Source for Promotion. Its aim is to highlight the many advantages of the city and overall province of Limassol, building its dynamic brand, and offering up-to-date information to both locals and visitors on why Limassol is truly a unique place, whether for Living, Having Fun, or Investing. The exclusive material provided by All About Limassol is created by a large group of professionals – aided by the eager participation of thousands of Limassol natives – and it is met with an overwhelming enthusiasm from readers. This response is a testament to the fact that this project was long overdue in a city that enjoys such a rapid growth rate.
What is most important to note is that the people who live and work in Limassol are the ones who benefit directly from this promotion of their city. By embracing All About Limassol, the positive influence this project exerts will only continue to grow and strengthen, ultimately further enhancing the city itself and the wellbeing of its inhabitants. We can all play a part in helping to expand the effects of this one-of-a-kind Project, which acts as a support tool for the overall development of Limassol. Companies, organizations, and everyday people can all take advantage of the opportunity to show the world why our city, our own small slice of paradise, can become the ideal destination for anyone, no matter what they seek.
The most significant way to help achieve this great goal for our city is for each of us to participate in sharing and reproducing the material provided by All About Limassol, with the sole purpose of expanding the reach of its message. In this way, thousands more people both in Cyprus and abroad, will become better informed of the excellent options available to them in the city and province of Limassol.