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18 venues in Limassol for you to enjoy brunch!

Brunch has become a favorite habit, since it does offer special delights, particularly on weekend mornings, that usually begin later than the week days. Limassol could not but respond to this trend, offering several interesting options in coffee shops, bars and cafes, which can satisfy all tastes.

Modern and traditional venues in Limassol, open their doors from the morning, make coffee and offer you amazing options for a meal that actually counts for 2, with the variety of breakfast and the quantity of lunch. Waffles, pancakes, cooked eggs, croissants and other delicious dishes are on the menu everyday so you can have the best beginning of your day.

With English, French and Mediterranean flavors, juices and coffees, 18 venues welcome you for the best meal of the day.

1. Estrella

After Athens, Thessaloniki and Chania, the famous restaurant franchise “Estrella” arrived in Limassol. The well-known cafeteria and restaurant is an excellent choice for brunch throughout the day, offering a superb menu with irresistible flavors. In its cozy and modern area, you will enjoy coffees, omelettes, peynirli, pancakes and, of course, the unique bougatsan.

Address: Maximos Plaza, Georgiou Griva & Makarios III Avenue (close to Ayios Nicolaos roundabout)
Contact number: 99 878 742

2. Epsilon Resto-Bar

You will recognize “Epsilon” from its characteristic blue balcony, which stands out in the heart of Limassol Marina, but also from its elegant atmosphere. With a warm interior space, an exceptional veranda with impressive view and a delicious English and Mediterranean breakfast menu, Epsilon’s brunch provides a gourmet option, with exclusive dishes, to start your weekends with.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051 393

3. Milkbar

Comfortable, modern and with a unique floor in black and white colors, "Milkbar" immediately challenge your appetite. On its menu, you will find fresh salads, snacks and tasty egg dishes cooked in various ways. Moreover, don’t hesitate to try the amazing croissants and the waffles. The brunch is offered daily and on weekends, from 07:30 to 16:00.

Address: 226, Arch. Makarios III Avenue
Contact number: 25 354 100

4. Gostijo

Combining the vibrant pulse of the city center and with a splendid view of the Heroes Square, “Gostijo” is recommended. In a warm and elegant atmosphere, it offers daily and on the weekends, from 10 a.m., delicious breakfast dishes. In its new brunch menu you will find omelets and eggs in bread, pancakes, homemade marmalades, croissants and many other special flavors.

Address: 17, Andrea Drousioti, Heroes Square
Contact number: 25 745 066

5. Blue Apple

In the center of Saripolou square, in the alleys of the old town, you will meet “Blue Apple”. Modern but also with character, provides outdoor and indoor space for delightful weekend mornings. Its newspaper-style menu immediately fascinates you, while every week is updated and offers you "national" brunch dishes from different countries. Delicious portions with eggs, burgers in black and red bread, healthy vegetarian options and 17 kinds of juices are only some of the things that await you in Blue Apple's brunch experience. Offered every weekend from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

Address: 72, Saripolou Street
Contact number: 25 340 029

6. Marina Breeze

The venue of “Marina Breeze” will surprise you pleasantly with the sense of luxury and elegance it has, as well as with the astonishing sea view, from which it’s surrounded. Comfortable, modern and elegant, it offers a delicious brunch menu everyday with choices ranging from English breakfast, American pancakes and rich platters, to chilled juices and fine coffees.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051 230

7. Do Wine & Dine

Τhe venue of “Do Wine & Dine” is housed in the Limassol Perl Building, on the city's coastal area, offering special choices that satisfy every taste. From pancakes, waffle to delicious dishes with eggs with smoked salmon, mushrooms and spinach, the venue offers daily (8 a.m. – 12 p.m.) and on the weekends (8 a.m. – 3 p.m.), one of the most exceptional brunch menus.

Address: 50E, Amathountos Avenue
Contact number: 25 020 056

8. Dionysus Mansion

A small green paradise inside the city and a special brunch experience awaits you in the great impressive yard of “Dionysus Mansion”. Brunch is being taken on in another dimension and the venue turns into a small party with music from Djs and special breakfast buffet, from the early morning to the late afternoon. The brunch events take place 1 Sunday of each month and start in November.

Address: 5, 16th June Street 1943
Contact number: 25 222 210

9. Mallon Glikis Traditional Coffee Shop

Cozy, relaxed and traditional, the coffee shop “Mallon Glikis” at Saripolou square will offer you carefree moments of morning relaxation. It offers an absolute traditional breakfast (from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) everyday, perfectly combined with the sense of the old city. With boiled eggs, bagel, homemade marmalade, halloumi and freshly baked Cypriot coffee, you will enjoy the most traditional brunch and you will feel just like home.

Address: Saripolou Square
Contact number: 25 355 325

10. Bistrot 55

The "Bistrot 55" located on the beautiful Eleftherias Street is well-known for its delicious brunch, but also for its atmosphere. With a sense of a French bistro, it perfectly matches with the traditional character of the old city, making it the place to be for a relaxed weekend morning. In the menu you will find delicious eggs-based portions, wild mushroom omelettes, as well as dishes for healthier or more traditional treats. The brunch is available from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. on Saturdays, and from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Sundays.

Address: 55, Eleftherias Street
Contact number: 25 212 100

11. The Cookhouse

With a cozy atmosphere and a bistro style, "The Cookhouse" suits perfectly to the cosmopolitan vibes of the city center, where it’s located. Offering aromatic coffees, juices, fresh, tasty brunch dishes and lunch, the cafeteria will relax you in the moment, giving you the appropriate energy to keep up with your day. Open daily (except Mondays) and weekends.

Address: 112, Gladstonos Street
Contact number: 25 353 434

12. Veranda

In a warm atmosphere, exceptional décor and a splendid view of the Municipal Garden, the café - bistro “Veranda” revives you and daily fill you with positive vibes. Its menu offers fine coffees, cool juices, smoothies, 3 kinds of omelets and delicious bougatsas. The brunch is offered daily and on the weekends from 9 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. (Saturdays and Sundays extended until 4 p.m.)

Address: 25, Olympion Street
Contact number: 25 761 801

13. Avozo Coffee Shop

The coffee shop “Avozo”, located in a magnificent gallery at Eleftherias Street, will challenge your appetite with its traditional dishes. Breakfast and good coffee perfectly fits and thus the venue offers quality coffee, as well as plenty of Cypriot flavors such as boiled eggs, lountza, halloumi and delicious sandwiches.

Address: 108, Eleftherias Street
Contact number: 99 483 709

14. Bakery Coffee Shop

The “Bakery” with a special modern atmosphere in the old town gives an alternative option for brunch, offering amazing gourmet and vegetarian delights. Start your day with the healthiest breakfast and choose from a rich menu, salads, wraps, delicious nutritious bites, dried fruits, refreshing smoothies and fresh coffees. The brunch is offered daily and on weekends, from 9.30 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Address: 4, Evelthontos Street
Contact number: 25 106 881

15. Diamante Blu

The venue is located above the water, offering a magnificent view to the sea and Limassol that takes your breath away. With impeccable decoration, the “Diamante Blu” in the area of the Old Port, offers a variety of options for breakfast, with traditional flavors, vegetarian menu and dishes from foreign cuisines. The breakfast is offered daily until 1 p.m. In special occasions, fantastic brunch events are organized, which are available until late in the afternoon.

Address: Old Port
Contact number: 25 377 378

16. Pier One

With an elegant atmosphere and decoration and a magnificent view to the sea and to the city, “Pier One” is an exquisite place for everyday pleasures. From 9 a.m. until 12:30 p.m., you can find French toast and American pancakes, scrambled eggs, as well as nutritious yogurt with fruit, for healthier preferences.

Address: Old Harbor
Contact number: 25 022 375​

17. Columbia Beach Bar 

With an amazing view to the beautiful sea of Limassol, Columbia Beach Bar hosts an amazing brunch menu for every taste. Every day, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., offers plenty of breakfast options, from the classic pancakes to waffles, vegetarian scrambles and eggs portions. However, what will specially attract your attention is Columbia's special dish, which combines duck with salty waffle.

Address: 6, Promachon Eleftherias Street (Next to Crowne Plaza)
Contact number: 25 321 500

18. Frankie’s Social

Your visit for brunch is coloured in a different way at the elegant bar in the centre of the city. Frankie's, with a special menu for brunch, with salads, snacks and delicious egg based dishes, offers a delicious experience at Makarios Avenue, daily (12:00 - 16:00) and on weekends (10:00 - 16:00). Brunching can be followed by pleasant times until the evening, with signature cocktails, drinks and other menu options, such as salads, pasta and tasty platters.

Address: 226, Makarios III Avenue
Contact number: 25 354 101

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