Yiagini Kitchen: A hidden courtyard in the historical center of Limassol filled with flavors and memories!

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In the most characteristic spot of the old shopping center in Limassol, Saripolou Square, there is a hidden little courtyard where images and memories of the past live on.

Yiagini is a hangout that has made a mark thanks to its simplicity and authenticity. As a kitchen, it honors the flavors which nourished generation after generation on the island. As a tavern, it reminds its visitors of the simple yet exquisite way people used to have fun in the city.

Its quiet, inner courtyard, surrounded by flowering pots and trees, is a beloved destination year round, though the little tavern also has seating indoors. You will need to look carefully for its little door, a few steps down the walking path, east of the old market (Pantopoleio).

Contact number: 99 330669